We engineer and manufacture products and services for applications aimed to reduce energy consumption, pollution and carbon emissions. It goes without saying, that sustainability aspects enjoy top priority throughout the whole life cycle of our products and services.

1. Create and develop products for the future

Ecological issues created by an increasing demand for mobility are drivers for our product design process. We listen to our clients and closely follow requirements of urban parking. Together with customers, we develop customized projects like Presto Cov.

Being the winner of Cleantech Award Geneva 2014 with our Presto Park system, we clearly demonstrate our ability to innovate and to respond the new requirements of urban on-street parking.

2. Improve design to reduce our ecological footprint

While solar panels are now everywhere and already obligatory for powering automated systems, our efforts to reduce our equipment’s energy consumption are ongoing. We design our equipment to be as autonomous as possible, with for example, remote data transfer which considerably reduces energy use.

For the Presto Europa system, we shrank the size of components to the very minimum, which cut raw material consumption by 20 to 30%. We thus have the lightest and smallest pay-and-display machines on the market.

3. Choosing raw materials that respect the environment

For the most part, we try to build our equipment with materials that are recyclable or non-hazardous if not recyclable, except for the parts that supply energy.

With this goal in mind, IEM developed a means of minimising the percentage of hazardous metals, such as lead. We use air batteries as a back-up solution in winter.

4. Eco-friendly transport

After extensive research, we have reached an optimal solution for the Presto Europa line. Its transport ‑ from the manufacturing site to the delivery vehicle to the client’s location or our workshops ‑ all takes place using the same pallet with no cardboard packaging.

Moreover, the vast majority of the parts for our machines are produced in Europe:
- the electronics circuits are made in France and Switzerland
- the housing components are produced in France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland
- the final assembly and quality testing take place in Switzerland

5. Recuperate our equipment at the end of its lifecycle

Our equipment is guaranteed for 10 years. According to customer feedback, this lifespan is longer than other products on the market.

In compliance with the EN 2002/96/CE regulation, we recuperate our equipment at the end of its lifecycle to ensure proper disposal which respects the environment.

6. Reducing our carbon footprint

Almost all of the components can be recycled. Our eco-friendly design means that 97% of our machines’ materials can be recycled, excluding the energy supply, or 94.7% when including the energy source.

7. Presence and support to build sustainable relations

IEM has extremely loyal relationships with its partners and employees. Some suppliers have been with us since the company’s inception. Our personnel are part of our family team, half of which has been with us for more than 10 to 20 years.

When we consider working with a new partner, we ensure the following values are respected :
- human rights
- acceptable working conditions
- the environment
- the fight against corruption