Intelligent pay and display machine

Besides the payment of hourly tickets, the PrestoInteractif’s touch screen offers a municipality the option of introducing new, more sophisticated functions and differentiate its parking policy. With an integrated touch screen keyboard, this intelligent parkmeter allows the virtualization of parking tickets through identification with the license plate number. It also allows the user to select discounts depending on his individual status, the type of vehicle or his journey based on alternative transportation means. Connected with IEM’s parking platform, the PrestoInteractif transmits every parking transaction and allows the user further functions such as the management of his parking transactions.

A touch screen that offers new functions

PrestoInteractif : contact less payments
Presto Interactif


  • 7 inch touch screen
  • Modular interface with several payment options
  • Solar powered
  • Reinforced cash box with electronic lock


  • Payments of hourly tickets
  • Payment of short and long term subscriptions
  • Payment of timeout violation fines (only France)
  • Payment of public transport tickets
  • Management of privileges
  • Management of stored values
  • Applications of free parking time
  • Enforcement of parking rotations
  • Management of shopping vouchers

PrestoInteractif is part of the solution: Smart Parking Meters

SizeL230 x W230 x H1645 mm
Weight65 kg
CabinetExtruded aluminum cabinet
Extruded aluminum cabinet with cash box enforced and wrapped with stainless steel plates
Power supplySolar or mains
Solar power autonomyMonochrome : 200 tickets / day *
Color : 100 tickets / day * with option solar panels 15 watts
* in conditions of moderate sunlight in the latitude of Berlin
Power consumption
stand by
Less than 1mA
With virtual ticket option : less than 4mA
Touch screen Diameter 7 inches and shock resistance IK10
Cash box volume4,5 litres
Ticket roll capacity5,000 tickets
ReliabilityLess than 1 defect per year
Temperature range : -15°C to +70°C
2 years warranty, with possible extension to 5 years
DataReal time communication with the centralised parking platform via 3G and remote programming
OptionsColor screen
Payment means : cash, creditcards or private cards chip based and contactless, electronic wallets,
Mains supply
Cabinet available in different RAL colors
Interface layout and exterior panels personalizeable
Languages : French, English, German, Spanish