PrestoPark is an e-service offering for users of paid on-street parkings. It helps motorists to park with confidence by guiding them to the closest available parking space and offers them alternative payment based on complete virtual parking tickets. The motorist portal is accessible via Additionally, there is an application to purchase and easily manage virtual tickets over the smartphone.

A single portal offering valuable services to motoristst


  • User friendly
  • Multi-city portal
  • Independent services


  • Virtual payments : hourly tickets and subscriptions
  • Parking transaction history available to the user
  • Management of parking tickets for a fleet of vehicles
  • Parking time offered by retail shops
  • Applications and supporting legal documents for subscriptions (residents, commercial…)
  • Consultation and guidance to available parking areas
  • Remote procedure of payment of timeout violation fines (France only)



Mobile payment

  • Automatic tariff application : as function of parking zone, recognition of vehicle status with registration
  • Geolocation of vehicle on the city map and selection of the parking area
  • Manage the duration of the virtual parking ticket ; early termination or extension of parking time
  • Provide secure parking stickers in case of electronic distribution of long term subscriptions
  • Smartphone alert in case of the near end time of a virtual parking ticket
  • Transactions, subscriptions and supporting paper history
  • Manage shopping vouchers
  • Payment with creditcard for all transactions or use funding from a prepaid account within PrestoPark.

Intelligent way guiding

  • Consultation of free parking areas of the city (places equipped with PrestoSense detectors)
  • Supports information on : applications, Internet and mobile Internet, intelligent traffic guidance systems, integrated GPS systems
  • Geolocation of vehicle on a city map and visualization of free spaces
  • Meaning : green = more than 25% of spaces are free ; orange = lesss than 25% ; red = 0%
  • Automated detection of a vehicle’s presence or absence on a parking space

Timeout violation fines
(France only)

  • Regulation of timeout violation fines with or without registration
  • Connection support : website
  • Enter the number of the timeout violation fines
  • Transaction history

Further information

Creditcard payments

  • Data interface with creditcard processing partner
  • Payment security and encrypted creditcard numbers

Central Parking Portal

  • Transmission of information in real time

Operator management

  • Set up subscriptions, supporting documents and tarifs
  • Statistics
  • Activity reports
  • See the operator portal page Presto1000

User Corporate Design

  • Customized service offering with a dedicated service map with the customers own design elements