ANPR Parking solution

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is a technology that uses optical character recognition to read vehicle registration numbers. IEM has integrated this technology into its ecosystem to offer new functionalities such as access control, possibly barrier-free and parking surveillance
Controle d'accès parking ANPR
Accès parking par plaque d'immatriculation


ANPR Cameras

IEM has selected hardware from a leader in ANPR technology to integrate it into its innovative solutions. Based on Deep Learning, the algorithms maintain remarkable performance rates under various conditions; whether in high or low light and in difficult weather conditions.
Presto1000 liste

Presto Platform

The IEM software platform implements all the business rules for parking, controls access rights, controls peripherals and exposes user portals.


Verbalisation parking


IEM has developed a Control Assistance solution for barrier-free paddocks that use IEM’s sales channels. The system is based on registration records entering and exiting parking lots using ANPR cameras.
Prestoplatform detects misuse and can optionally offer sworn agents to issue FPS from the operator portal.

ANPR accès parking

Access control by registration

The IEM access control system can be supplemented by an ANPR camera to control Rights more quickly and smoothly and automatically open a barrier.

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