Operator portal

An application completely developed by IEM, Presto1000 is the operator portal to manage and analyze the on-street parking policy of one or several cities. The application is intended for technical staff who maintains the infrastructure (parkmeters and detectors), the administrative personnel who sells subscriptions and managers who analyse parking activities and manage the application itself.

One single access point to manage on-street parking

Added values

  • Access via internet browser
  • Customizable and expandable according to customer needs
  • Personalized interface based on customer use cases
  • Hosted by IEM or the client


  • Monitoring and supervision of parkmeters and detectors
  • Customer database with vehicles and parking transactions
  • Manage customer relationship (correspondence, contrcats, sold products and services)
  • Activity reports (maintenance, cash collection, finance, sales)
  • Statistics
  • Set up (equipment, tarifs, access rights to applications and parkmeters)
  • Enforcement support, fines, and time out violations
  • Service card management
  • City maps

Basic functions

Supervision of parkmeters

  • Dashboard: technical condition, cash box, maintenance, communication, alarms
  • Manage parkmeters : locations, groups, spare parts, location on city map
  • Set up of service cards : assigning access and intervention rights on machines (test agent, cash collection, maintenance), monitor interventions

Activity reports

  • Cash collection, financial status, alarms, use of service cards, agent information


  • Sales, transactions per credit card type, vouchers, prepayments, occupancy rates, maintenance, alarms, violations (fines)
  • Format : Export in Excel, graphs, city maps


  • Setup of parkmeters : tarifs, display messages, ticket texts, registration of bank holidays, access to financial institutions, calibration of coin verifier, alarm thresholds
  • Access rights for portal users

Multi site access

  • Intended for operation managers only: one single access point for management of various cities

Functions in option

Subscriber management

  • Create and manage client records, vehicles, stickers for permissions
  • Manage legal documents
  • Edit contracts, permissions, invoices
  • Edit secure parking sticker (2D barcode)
  • Sale of parking tickets (type PIAF, prepaid account), online sales of subscriptions
  • Correspondence with clients (mails, sending passwords via email)
  • Statistics
  • Financial monitoring
  • Setup subscriptions : street, zone, legal documents, activities, categories, type, duration, prices, commercial people, products

Management of virtual payments
(mobile payments)

  • Integrated subscription management
  • Create and manage client records, vehicles and virtual parking permissions
  • Product sales (prepaid account)
  • Statistics
  • Financial monitoring
  • Monitoring of creditcard transactions
  • Create and manage commercial records, shopping vouchers

Access management of virtual services (city map)

  • Create and manage customer records, vehicles and city maps
  • Access management : (residents, companies) : customer selection, street, zone, activity, tariffs
  • Activity report : transactions, sold cards

Fine management

  • Dashbaord: fines, in operation, paid
  • Statistics
  • Activity report

Detector management

  • Dashboard : spaces, free, occupied, occupied with time violation
  • Activity report : technical status, presence status changes, occupancy
  • Configuration of detectors
  • Control (web page with detector overview)