PrestoPark is a unique portal accessible via It gathers an offer of e-services connected between them and intended to help motorists to park with confidence in on-street and off-street parking.

The means of payment are modernized with fully dematerialized parking tickets. The portal gives the motorist the possibility to buy short and long-term subscriptions.


A single portal offering valuable services to motoristst


  • User friendly
  • Multi-city portal
  • Independent services


  • Virtual payments : hourly tickets and subscriptions
  • Parking transaction history available to the user
  • Management of parking tickets for a fleet of vehicles
  • Parking time offered by retail shops
  • Applications and supporting legal documents for subscriptions (residents, commercial…)
  • Consultation and guidance to available parking areas
  • Remote procedure of payment of timeout violation fines (France only)


Mobile payment
  • Distant payments of parking tickets : hourly tickets, long and short term subscriptions

  • Supports connections : mobile application PrestoPark (available on Appstore and GooglePlay), website and mobile Internet, SMS (except for long term subscriptions)

  • Transactions, subscriptions and supporting paper history

  • Payment with creditcard for all transactions or use funding from a prepaid account within PrestoPark.

  • Link transactions of company fleet vehicles to a single company account
  • Electronic counter
  • Demand and online renewal of a special status for the purchase of a parking subscription at a preferred rate (short and long term subscriptions, residents, professionals..)

  • Connection support : website

  • Upload/download supporting documents

  • Update the application file online

  • Application history
  • Intelligent way guiding
  • Consultation of free parking areas of the city (places equipped with PrestoSense detectors)

  • Supports information on : applications, Internet and mobile Internet, intelligent traffic guidance systems, integrated GPS systems

  • Geolocation of vehicle on a city map and visualization of free spaces

  • Meaning : green = more than 25% of spaces are free ; orange = lesss than 25% ; red = 0%

  • Automated detection of a vehicle’s presence or absence on a parking space
  • Timeout violation fines
    (France only)
  • Regulation of timeout violation fines with or without registration

  • Connection support : website

  • Enter the number of the timeout violation fines

  • Transaction history
  • Futher information 
    Motorist accountSingle motorist portal for the use of different services :
  • Registration and login, forgotten password

  • Registration of creditcard ID on a separate secure site of a banking partner

  • Purchase virtual tickets (hourly and subscriptions)

  • Request, apply and renew subscriptions

  • Manage personal user information

  • Vehicle management

  • Management of favorites

  • History of parking transactions and subscription applications

  • Register shopping vouchers

  • Management of vehicle fleets , create a business account, report transactions per period, vehicle and employee
  • Creditcard payments
  • Data interface with creditcard processing partner

  • Payment security and encrypted creditcard numbers
  • Central Parking Portal
  • Transmission of information in real time
  • Operator management
  • Set up subscriptions, supporting documents and tarifs

  • Statistics

  • Activity reports

  • See the operator portal page Presto1000
  • Marketing/Communication
  • Website : presentation of services, videos, motorist support and FAQ’s

  • Sticker on parkmeters

  • Flyer

  • Press kit
  • User Corporate Design
  • Customized service offering with a dedicated service map with the customers own design elements
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