advanced smart parking meter

New version 2021

The new generation PrestoInteractif is an advanced, solar-powered parking meter designed for maximum flexibility, power autonomy and lowest cost of ownership.


Equipped with a large 7” touch screen the parking meter offers a highly reactive and user-friendly interface. Besides the payment of hourly tickets, the touch screen interface with integrated keyboard also allows for the virtualization of parking tickets through identification with the license plate number. The parking meter offers all payment options including contact-less, Apple-/Google Pay while offering customers a highly reactive and user-friendly interface.


Featuring all-electronic locks, enhanced security against vandalism the PrestoInteractif is a safe choice for parking operators.
And thanks to its modular design, service personnel can easily swap the entire payment, printer or cash compartment in case of repairs within only a few seconds and completely without tools.


Contemporary and compact at only 23x23cm, its architecture is the finest on the market and blends discreetly into the urban environment.

Engineers at IEM have also redesigned the machine by setting the height for payment to 1.20m which makes it easier for people with disabilities to access it.

Connected parking meter

Connected with IEM’s cloud-based central parking platform Presto1000 and 3rd party enforcement software this allows parking wardens or scan cars to efficiently check the payment status of parked vehicles.

Discounts for resident permits can be as easily managed as reduced tariffs for low-emission vehicles or changing tariffs and messages remotely.

Horodateur panneau solaire
Horodateur tactile


  • Swiss made, lowest cost of ownership
  • Robust and reactive 7-inch touch screen
  • All payment options including contact-less, Apple-/Google Pay
  •  100% solar powered, with easy swap backup batteries
  • Highly secure with reinforced vault and all-electronic locks
  • Fully modular design for efficient maintenance of all key compartments
  • Compliant to the EN 12414:2020 Certification for Vehicle parking control equipment


  • Payments of hourly tickets
  • Payment of short and long term subscriptions
  • Payment of timeout violation fines (only France)
  • Payment of public transport tickets
  • Management of privileges
  • Management of stored values
  • Applications of free parking time
  • Enforcement of parking rotations
  • Management of shopping vouchers

PrestoInteractif is part of the solution: Smart Parking Meters

Technical specifications

weights & materials

  • L230 x W230 x H1570 mm
  • 62,2kg
  • Extruded aluminum cabinet.
  • Extruded aluminum cabinet with cash box enforced and wrapped with stainless steel plates

Power supply

  • Solar or mains

Solar power autonomy

  • Monochrome : 200 tickets / day *
  • Color : 100 tickets / day * with option solar panels 15 watts
  • * in conditions of moderate sunlight in the latitude of Berlin

Power consumption
stand by

  • Less than 1mA
    With virtual ticket option : less than 4mA

Touch screen

  • Diameter 7 inches and shock resistance IK10

Cash box volume

  • 4,5 litres

Ticket roll capacity

  • 5,000 tickets


  • Less than 1 defect per year
  • Temperature range : -20°C to +70°C
  • 2 years warranty, with possible extension to 5 years


  • Real time communication with the centralised parking platform via 3G / 4G and remote programming

Moyens de paiement

  • Pièces, carte bancaire avec et sans contact, carte privative avec et sans contact, application mobile PrestoPark, Carte ville et Twint


  • Color screen
  • Payment means : cash, creditcards or private cards chip based and contactless, electronic wallets,
  • Mains supply
  • Cabinet available in different RAL colors
  • Interface layout and exterior panels personalizeable
  • Languages : French, English, German, Spanish


  • Presto1000