Vehicle detection sensors

PrestoSense detectors are installed on on-street parking bays. They not only detect a vehicle’s presence, but also the parking duration of a car. The information is forwarded to the parking operator. He uses the data to analyze the load and turnover rate of his car park and to optimize enforcement. The motorist uses the information directly on his smartphone. The city’s traffic guidance system or the motorist’s GPS system guide him to the next available parking bay.

PrestoSense is another tool to create dynamic, citizen friendly city centers. Motorists optimize their travel time and route to the next available parking bay in the inner city even before they start their journey. Additionally, an optimized enforcement increases the rotation on the sought-after parking bays in city centers and thus lead to more potential customers for retail shops in inner cities.

A better city center through a better management of on-street parking

Added values

  • Accurate and reliable detection of over 99%
  • Measurement every 2 seconds
  • Fast installation for surface mounted
  • Discreet installation for recessed version
  • Use of the network LoRa designed for smart cities


  • Monitoring of parking spaces and parking time limit violations
  • Map with available spaces
  • Measure occupancy rate
  • Measure turnover of spaces
  • Data transfer to third party applications

PrestoSense is part of the solution: Monitoring of parking spaces



Schéma PrestoSense
  • 560g / Diameter 210 x H25 mm with ring
  • 330g / diameter 124 x H25 mm without ring


  • Resistant resin, withstanding constraints of urban streets

Power supply

  • Lithium battery

Detection technology

  • Magnetic and ultrasonic
  • Detection distance : from 0 to 90 cm

Measuring cycle

  • Time between 2 measurements: 2 seconds (allows to see a quick change of vehicle)
  • Time to send information via Lora: less than 1 minute


  • Life span 8 years
  • Regular traffic, up to 10 tons
  • Temperature : -30°C to +70°C
  • Surface mountedor recessed


  • IP 67 – Waterproof housing


  • Data transmission to Parking Portal via LoRaWANTM classe A network
  • Maintenance and data collection alarms in real time


  • Presto1000, PrestoPark, API