Oct 2019

Pay for your parking from your mobile phone in Geneva

Since 10 October 2019 in Geneva, parking is paid simply and quickly from people’s mobile phones with the PrestoPark application that is an integral part of IEM’s digitalization strategy.

Users will have to choose one of the five applications made available by the Parking Foundation in Geneva and the PrestoPark APP differs from the others since it’s the only one developed by Swiss-based company IEM, which installed the set of parking meters and sensors in the streets of Geneva.

The APP’s features make life easier for drivers by offering a variety of electronic services. Once the account is created, the user will only have to insert the parking area (by entering the 1200 for public roads in the city of Geneva) and select the duration of the latter before paying. In 3 clicks it’s done ! Motorists pay and manage their parking from a distance. They receive their parking tickets in a dematerialized way (virtual ticket) and have the possibility to find the history of their payments on their PrestoPark personal account.

In addition, the user will pay the right amount with the application that gives him the ability to stop his parking ticket if he decides to stop parking before time. Finally, he will be able to extend his parking time if he has a legally available time. PrestoPark will stand out even more over time by providing new features for users such as real-time guidance to the parking spaces available in the city of Geneva. This development is being carried out with different partners thanks to an algorithm for predicting the occupation of street parking.