Parkmeter without tickets

Based on an innovative concept, the PrestoConnect distinguishes itself from other products, that the device does not issue tickets. Each parking transaction uses a license plate number as unique identification. The virtual ticket is stored on IEM’s virtual platform and can be downloaded via a smartphone app.

The ticket is completely virtual
Presto Connect


  • Virtual parking ticket
  • Solar powered
  • Enforcement directly at parkmeter display
  • Cash box reinforced with stainless steel panels and electronic lock


  • Payment of virtual parking tickets, identification via license plate identification
  • Paperless, download of ticket from after request

PrestoConnect is part of the solution: Smart Parking Meters

SizeL195 x W210 x H1695 mm
Weight25 kg
CabinetExtruded aluminum cabinet
Cash box enforced and wrapped with stainless steel plates
Power supplySolar
Solar power autonomy200 transactions / day
(in conditions of moderate sunlight in the latitude of Berlin)
Power consumptionStand by : less than 1mA
No. of spaces manageableUp to 16 spaces
LiabilityLess than 1 defect per year
Temperature range : -20°C to +70°C
2 years warranty, with possible extension to 5 years
DataReal time communication with the centralised parking platform via 3G
Remote programming
Ticket user downloadable to
OptionsPayment means : cash, contactless, electronic wallets
Cabinet colors available in different RAL colors
Languages : French, English, German, Spanish
CommunicationPresto1000, PrestoPark