Jul 2020

PrestoSense installation in Lillesand, Norway

In cooperation with the Telenor – one of Scandinavia’s leading telecommunication companies – IEM Group Nordic leads the way to improve the life of motorhome owners using the latest Smart City technologies.

A motorhome site in Lillesand, located in the south of Norway is now equipped with PrestoSense vehicle detection sensors on each of its 25 parking spaces. This project generates great curiosity in a country where private and public motorhome sites are very popular and places are in high demand.

Deployed since mid-May, the advanced PrestoSense sensors detect the presence of a vehicle in real time thanks to its dual detection technology and a newly installed Smart City LoRaWAN™ radio network.

In a first step, the sensors will provide Lillesand municipality with valuable information about motorhome occupation or availability levels. 

The collected and anonymised data is then aggregated in IEM’s Presto1000 management platform which allows real time monitoring and reporting of key performance indicators such as number of visits, duration of parking, motorhome rotations etc. This is particularily important during the summer vacation period where parking places fill up quickly.

In a second step, this new technology combined with IEM’s PrestoPark parking APP will also allow motorhome owners to check parking availability before or during a trip. This helps to avoid unnessary congestion and travel stress while future developments also envisage even more convenience by allowing parking reservation and payment options all via the same APP.