Sep 2020

IEM Group supports the city of Antwerp towards a more sustainable journey with the installation of 960 PrestoInteractif parking meters

Strongly committed to creating a “greener” environment, the city of Antwerp in Belgium has implemented an environmental policy by establishing a “Low Emission Zone” (LEZ). This low-emission zone restricts the entry of the most polluting vehicles into the city center.

In this context and partnering with the parking operator Indigo and the Belgian distributor Krautli, IEM has equipped the city with 960 solar-powered and cashless parking meters. The PrestoInteractif parking meters combine state-of-the-art technology and sustainability while delivering parking tickets and pollution-based authorizations to access the LEZ.

The number of authorizations for polluting cars are limited through a registry system which exchanges information with Antwerp’s central parking rights server and automatically detects unauthorized vehicles in the LEZ. This system helps the municipality to enforce a rules-based parking policy while reducing pollution levels in the city center. The controls are carried out by using cameras recognizing license plates.

IEM has a complete expertise in on-street parking. It’s solar-powered smart parking meters with their unique slim design featuring color touch screens and fast contact-less payment have been positively received by Antwerp citizens. Moreover, they dynamically integrate multiple sources of information which allows to qualify the parking rights of each vehicle within seconds.