Nov 2017

Smart parking with PrestoSense

On the occasion of the Smartmobility congress in Barcelona, IEM introduces its PrestoSense sensor in these 2 versions: surface and recessed. Integrated into mobility projects of smart cities, the PrestoSense device offers multiple applications to improve the quality of life in the city.

Thanks to the dual detection of the PrestoSense sensor, the arrival or departure of a vehicle is reported in real time to the IEM’s parking platform. These thousands of data will enable both users and operators to better manage on-street parking that will make city centres more attractive.

With PrestoSense, smart cities can reduce vehicle traffic and limit CO2 emissions by:

  • a monitor on-street parking according to the key parking indicators
  • information to the motorists of available places limiting search time
  • optimizated enforcement to improve the turnover rate
  • dynamic pricing to change the occupation of parking zones

Discover our new video PrestoSense: For improved city center mobility